Courses Offered

All core requirements are offered in fall and spring semesters. To check availability of other courses, use the online course schedule, which typically updates 4-5 months before the semester starts. Some classes may also be taken over the summer or on demand.

Language Requirement (12-18 hours)

Students must take six hours beyond the Bachelor of Arts requirement in their primary modern foreign language for a total of 18 hours. This requirement may be met, fully or partially, with transfer courses or courses taken as part of study-abroad programs. Students may also test out of all or part of their foreign language requirement.

Core Requirement (15 hours)

Students must take GBL 250 (Introduction to Global Studies and Globalization) and four of the following courses:

  • ANT 100
  • SOC 150
  • GRY 100
  • PLS 232
  • ECO 155
  • REL 210

Focus Area (15 hours)

Students must complete 15 hours in one focus area, including courses with at least four different codes. Students may contact the course instructor for permission to enroll or contact their advisor or the program coordinator to work out a substitution. Focus areas include:

  • Language and Culture
  • Business and Economics
  • Politics, Society and Environmental issues

Regional Studies (15 hours)

Students must complete one course from each of the following regional areas:

  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Europe
  • Latin America and Caribbean:
  • Middle East


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Global Studies (GBL) courses

  • GBL 250 Introduction to Global Studies and Globalization

    Provides students with the basic elements of global studies in order to make them educated persons who have a global awareness; and familiarizes them with the various trends or dimensions of globalization by focusing on geographic, cultural, political, and economic aspects of globalization.

    Credit hoursLecture contact hoursLab contact hoursTypically offered
    330Fall, Spring
  • GBL 499 Internship

    Prerequisite: permission of Global Studies Coordinator.

    A focused course that students can combine with other classes in order to pursue a special interest within their major. May be repeated to a maximum of 6 hours. Graded Pass/Not Pass only. Public Affairs Capstone Experience course.

    Credit hoursLecture contact hoursLab contact hoursTypically offered
    1-6Upon demand