Global Studies

What is Global Studies?

Global studies can be defined as the study of global issues and trends with the goal of developing an understanding of the increasingly global nature of every aspect of life and how this shift affects local, national and international environments.

The Global Studies major at Missouri State University is inherently linked to the statewide public affairs mission in that students will be educated as globally aware citizens. In an increasingly interdependent world, students must be aware of and educated in political, social, economic and cultural aspects and, combined with necessary language skills, be able to live and work as citizens in such a world.

Why choose Global Studies at Missouri State University?

  • Major issues are facing our world right now – population growth, poverty, disease, environmental degradation, conflicts and others.
  • By earning a degree in global studies, be part of the solution to these concerns.
  • You can examine trends such as globalization and acquire foreign language skill.
  • You can also prepare to help others around the world, work for an international company or apply your global knowledge to interests at home in the United States.
  • With this degree, you will understand the global nature of every aspect of life and how this affects the United States as well as other countries.

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