Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is my Advisor?

Click Advising Tab for advisor questions.

What jobs can I get with the major? How does MSU support my job search?

The federal government (CIA, FBI, State & Defense Department)/Military/International Governmental Organizations (United Nations, International Monetary Foundation, World Bank, etc.)/Multinational businesses/International Non-Governmental Organizations (Red Cross, Amnesty International, environmental organizations, humanitarian organizations)/ the Peace Corps/International media organizations/Interpreting and translation services/schools.

Take advantage of the opportunities the MSU CAREER CENTER offers every semester, it’s an amazing resource and an important step towards finding a job. See p. 13 and 14.

Can I do an internship or Independent Studies and have it counted towards the Major?

Yes, suitable internships (with the Red Cross or Habitat for Humanities, for example) can be used to earn credit towards the Major if approved by the Director of the GBL major. The course best suited is GBL 499. In consultation with advisor and approval of Director, it will be determined for which area (focus area, regional studies) course should count.  The same is true for Independent Studies courses that are completed under the supervision of a faculty member and entail independent research on a topic relevant to the Major.

 Can I double major and have several minors?

Yes, this is not a comprehensive major, therefore you can have as many majors and minors as you can handle. Minimally you need at least one minor in addition to your major. If you double major you don’t need a minor.

 When should I start Education Abroad?

Anytime, but discuss with your advisor when and which country to pick. A lot will depend on your language proficiency and professional interests.

 What clubs can I join?

MSU has over 30 clubs with an “international” or “diversity” component, including Model U.N

 I am a transfer student, what do I need to pay attention to?

The 18 hour language requirement (in one language) and the BA requirements. It helps to be in touch with an adviser before you transfer to select courses that will count towards the major.

 Can I enroll as a freshman?

You can start taking courses towards the major during your first year in college, provided that you have fulfilled any prerequisite requirements for these courses. We urge you to select an advisor right away to make sure you pick the right courses and are on the right track for a timely graduation.

Can I focus on a specific region?

Every student pursuing a Global Studies major will have to take one course each on five regions (Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, and the Middle East). You will, therefore, get exposure to information about all of these regions. To focus more specifically on a region, the following area studies minors in Asia, Latin America and the Middle East complement the GBL major.


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