Careers and Outcomes

Students with a thorough knowledge of global affairs, combined with their language skills, have a number of job opportunities that include:

  • Federal government (CIA, FBI, State & Defense Department, Military)
  • International governmental organizations (United Nations, International Monetary Fund, World Bank)
  • Multinational businesses
  • International non-governmental organizations (Red Cross, Amnesty International, environmental organizations, humanitarian organizations)
  • Peace Corps
  • International media organizations
  • Interpreting and translation services/schools

Students can also increase their marketability by pursuing a master's degree or doctorate, both of which can open up career paths in teaching at the grade school, high school, or college levels.

Are internships available?

Suitable internships (with the Red Cross or Habitat for Humanity, for example) can be used to earn credit toward the major if approved by the coordinator of Global Studies. The same is true for independent study courses that are completed under faculty supervision and involve independent research on a relevant topic.

Resources The mission of the Career Center is to provide professional assistance and intervention to Missouri State students and alumni through the use of career counseling, internship and full-time job searches, and vocational and educational information, so they may make insightful career decisions. Packed with country-specific career information, this research tool provides expert advice and insider tips for finding employment opportunities at home and abroad. The Institute of International Education (IIE) fosters mutual understanding, develops global leaders, and protects academic freedom worldwide through educational exchange and training programs that advance the vision of Opening Minds to the World®. Check their career center. With nearly 10,000 members, NAFSA is the world's largest nonprofit professional association dedicated to international education. NAFSA and its members believe that international education and exchange—connecting students, scholars, educators, and citizens across borders—is fundamental to:

  • establishing mutual understanding among nations,
  • preparing the next generation with vital cross-cultural and global skills, and
  • creating the conditions for a more peaceful world. NAFSA's Career Center is designed to aid you in building the best possible international education career-whether you are just considering entering the field or you are already established. The NAFSA Job Registry is the premier site to recruit top quality candidates for your organization or to explore career opportunities yourself. A better career is out there. We'll help you find it. We're your first step to becoming everything you want to be. Indeed offers a worldwide job search, aggregating thousands of job boards and allowing visitors to save searches and locations to track new job postings. Looking for teaching jobs abroad? Search our directory of over 27,000 opportunities abroad updated daily and find the best teach abroad program for you! GreatAuPair is the leading international online job matching service used by families to find affordable, trustworthy caregivers, providing a safe place to easily connect, get advice and hire with confidence. Since 2001, GreatAuPair has helped over 1,000,000 families and care providers safely connect online for local and international care jobs. The Job Application Center unlike regular jobs search sites, has searched the internet for you, to find exactly how, when and where to apply to almost every major U.S. company directly. We provide the direct links you need to apply with each company directly as well as providing specific tips you can use in the application process. This new site is a one stop resource for students looking for salary information to help them choose a career or career location. The site provides average salary information, which cities and states pay the most and least in each career, how salaries have grown, and what the future prognosis is for salaries in each career. The site also offers a free cost of living calculator, as well as salary negotiation and planning techniques.

Certification for teaching English as a second language A job teaching Engish abroad is a fantastic way to live overseas and get paid to travel the world! The Washington Internship Institute (WII), an educational nonprofit organization, focuses on three principles: public service, leadership and professional development. Rigorous academics and practical internship and immersion experiences in the most powerful city in the world enable WII to create active citizens prepared to serve in their local, state, national and global communities in the 21st century. Negotiation skills can come in handy throughout your life, but they may never be more important than when you are discussing how much you’ll be compensated for your work. Whether you’re just starting out in an entry-level position, are changing careers, or simply want to get paid more for what you already do, you’ll find some incredibly valuable resources here. Read on for articles, guides, tools, and calculators that are all designed to help you become your own best advocate and successfully negotiate to increase your pay.


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